Breastfeeding Support

Individualised sessions designed specifically to address your needs and concerns, and delivered in the comfort of your own home, at my practice or in a virtual meeting.

Besides being lactation consultant IBCLC, I'm also a midwife and counselor. That’s why I approache giving birth and breastfeeding, combining my knowledge and positivity, to experience parenthood in the most enjoyable way.

Duration of session 

You can count on at average 1,5 to 2 hrs. for a home session. I will observe a feeding, answer your questions and we'll talk about options to create your own personal plan. 

To observe a feeding, please try to NOT feed your baby fully just before I come over. If possible keep in mind to not feed your baby to 1-1,5 hr before we start. Most often it works well to either feed your baby a bit earlier than used too or to offer just little bit. And of course, feeding goes before crying; please DO feed if really needed.

We'll evaluate through email in the weeks following the consultation wether the situation has changed, improved, or not yet. Please also let me know if 'improvements' did not occur, to adjust or to expand  the 'plan'.

Invoice will be sent by email after the session(s). Most insurances reïmburse costs completely or partly. After payment you can reïmburse the bill to your insurance if they offer a couverage for Lactation Support IBCLC.

140 euro 1st session / 100 euro Follow up session MORE INFO COSTS HERE


I come to your home MON-TUE-THURS-FRIDAY in Amsterdam and Duivendrecht, Amstelveen, Diemen, depending on my already scheduled sessions.

At Wednesday I hold practice at, Gezondheidscentrum Watergraafsmeer / Amsterdam Oost/Watergraafsmeer


Support in the days of Corona

Of course I'll be there for you to support breastfeeding in these challenging times!

I offer both videocalls and home visits (if everyone is in good health) in which I can observe a feeding, answer your questions, we'll make a plan and evaluate.

Virtual Support

If we choose for a virtual consultation, I'd like to receive on forehand recorded feeding fragments on video of latching and positioning. In the session we'll talk things through. I'll answer your questions and make a plan. You don't have to feed live in front of the camera. 

If we choose for a home visit I've got masks and gloves if we prefer to choose for wearing them.


Video call 30 euro / 30 minutes (start session most often 60 euro's including report-notes). See more about costs/reimbursements here.

If a video call is followed by a home visit, it'll be a 'follow up' visit a 100 euro

If we directly start with a home visit, it's 130 euro

Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about your situation.

WhatsApp or Call me for the quickest answer

My name is Marieke van Luin, Lactation Counselor IBCLC. More than 20 years I worked as a midwife. I guide parents in supporting breastfeeding and the challenges that might occur. Do you want to know about me? Read more about me and my approach

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Breastfeeding Support in person at your home or at the practice

For breastfeeding support I can come to your home to observe a feeding. To make a plan together according your specific situation, I listen to your (birth and breastfeeding) story, share practical knowledge with you and support you in making practical changes.

On Wednesday I hold practice at the Health Centre Watergraafsmeer/ Gezondheidscentrum Watergraafsmeer.



When you've booked a BF session, try not to fully feed your LO anymore, for about 1,5 hrs before the start of the session. Offer a little bit if needed to sooth, please do!

Why breastfeeding support after birth?

There are many reasons people choose to have individualised Postnatal Breastfeeding Support with a lactatation consultant IBCLC:

  • to find a way in possibilities and knowledge in breastfeeding your LO in good balance with yourself, partner, and family.
  • to make a change in your breastfeeding situation in issues like: discomfort (nipples, latch, positioning), production (low/high), tongue-lip-tie restriction, enjoyment, energy levels, schedule, expressing, combining, weening, medical situations, breast enlargement/reduction ed.
  • going back work: to inform yourself about possibilities and rigths and make plan together
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Marieke van Luin

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