Do you want to prepare yourself in giving breastfeeding?

This 2 hours workshop is a thorough introduction to breastfeeding – so that you walk away with more than simply the basics.

Marieke van Luin Mamma MindsFor whom?

Pregnant women and their partners. Partners are encouraged to be involved in sessions. The support of a partner is an invaluable resource during pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding.

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When to subscribe? 

As soon as your questions are starting to arise, you’re more than welcome preferable before 37 weeks. Your partner can join in, so that he or she can be the best possible support!


All together only 35 euro (partner included)! Paid with banktransfer on forehand.


Choose the date in the agenda to check the Location: LIVE group session at the Cursuscentrum: Genestetstraat 3-1.

TO subscribe please send an email to

Workshop "Breastfeeding with enjoyment and confidence"

Breastfeeding Support

It's supporting to know a bit more about breastfeeding to make a good start together. How to avoid pain, how to make it work, how to enjoy?

You're very welcome in your pregnancy from the moment your questions or need for information is there. Partners are welcome to join in, and can be a good support.




I provide breastfeeding preparation sessions, individually or in a group session.

  • Private individual session prenatal  at my practice on Wednesdays or in the intimacy of your own home
  • Private group session, hosted by someone, or you! Invite a small group of co-pregnant couples. You can host this session, and invite other ladies / couples to join in.
  • Group session 1x 6/wks at 'Cursuscentrum / Geboortecentrum' Genestetstraat 3-1
  • For breastfeeding support when your baby is born see Postnatal breastfeeding support

Thorough introduction to breastfeeding

This workshop is a thorough introduction to breastfeeding – so that you walk away with more than simply the basics. There’s so much more to it than simply (breast)feeding your baby: breastfeeding can be enjoyable for you and baby! The magic of breastfeeding your LO, is to know how to avoid pain and how to adjust the positioning when you breastfeed your LO. I want to share with you all you need to know about how to ensure a successful start to breastfeeding. And even so important, how to keep it going in a pleasant, enjoyable way!

Useful information, clear visual examples and practice...

You can put lots of knowledge into breastfeeding. But what actually works best is a good combination of facts, lots of practice and trust. By working together in a small group, there’s plenty of time to ask everything you really want to know. Besides useful and evidence based information, we’ll take the chance to actually practice breastfeeding positioning. I‘ll provide you with clear visual examples, and lots of handy tips and tricks.


The more you enjoy each other, the more milk you’ll produce! Not everybody knows that if you suffer discomfort while breastfeeding, your milk flow slows down, resulting in less milk production.

  • Of course, I'll tell you everything you need to know about how to stimulate and maintain sufficient milk supply
  • So what to do or how to adjust things when you experience pain, is one of the most important keys to successful breastfeeding.
  • And how can you know if you baby is feeding and growing well?
  • Or maybe you want to know more about how to combine breastfeeding and your working-life?
  • Or to combine breastfeeding, pumping and/or bottle-feeding?

Feel free to ask me anything and everything you want to know! When you know more you can make a clearer and more informed choice for yourself. Hopefully this session will equip you with the information you need so that you can figure out how to make breastfeeding work best for you and your family.

Besides being lactationconsultant IBCLC, I'm also a midwife and counselor. That's why I approach giving breastfeeding, combining my knowledge and positivity, to experience breastfeeding in the most enjoyable way.

Hosting a group session at your place?

Thanks for hosting the session! Great to meet you all soon!

Thank you Viviana for hosting this private group session!

Practical notes for the 'host':

  • Is it possible to connect my laptop to TV screen? I'll bring a HDMI cable to connect. If not, no worries; we'll use my laptop to watch the video's/PP.
  • If possible I'd like to connect to WIFI. Please have the WIFI code available.
  • If there are any specific questions, I'd like to collect them on forehand. An email can be sent to
  • I'd like to start on time, so it works best to welcome guests a bit earlier. I'll arrive around half an hour before starting time, to meet and prepare some things
  • I'll bring my laptop with presentation and material to 'practice' with. A handout (resumé) will be given to all couples attending.
  • Invoice will be sent to the 'host' on forehand.



Joined Group Session (at Cursuscentrum)

  • 35 euro (partners join for free)
  • 45 (individ)./55 euro (includ. partner) @TheLabourDept

Private Individual session 

  • 75 euro (virtual/zoom)
  • 95,00 euro (at your place)

Invoice for payment will be sent by email on forehand. Partners are very welcome to join in, no extra charges.

Private group session 'á la Tupperware' at your place

  • Costs depend on how many participants you invite to join in.
  • Up to 10 persons is the maximum (including partners).
    • 110 euro's (2 koppels/couples)
    • 135 euro’s (3 koppels/cpls)
    • 160 euro's (4 koppels/cpls)
    • 180 euro (5 koppels/cpls)

Invoice for payment will be sent by email on forehand. If you host a breastfeeding session a la Tupperware, invoice will be sent to the host.

How to enjoy breastfeeding...

English? ¿Español? Français?

I speak rather good English, bastante Español et un petit peu français

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