Stagiaires / Students IBCLC

Een stagiaire kan aanwezig zijn bij de bezoeken en we doen vaak een deel van de begeleiding samen, onder mijn supervisie.

Laat je het weten als je dit liever NIET wilt?

Ook kan in overleg, de stagiaire zelfstandig een bezoek afleggen. Dit valt onder mijn verantwoordelijkheid en ook de communicatie en facturering gaan via mij.

Deze zelfstandige begeleiding valt onder gereduceerd tarief a 100 euro en kan gedeclareerd worden bij je verzekering als je verzekerd bent voor lactatiekundige zorg


A trainee might come along with me to support parents on their breastfeeding journey. 

Please let me know, if you DON'T want them to be part of the session.

Besides that we might come together, trainees can do visits on their own, supervised and under my responsibility. Reports, updates and billing are done via me.

This supervised visit costs 100 euro and can be reimbursed if your insurances reimburses Lactation Support IBCLC.

Marloes Schoonenberg

Vanaf December 2022 loopt Marloes Schoonenberg met mij mee. Zij is al heel ervaren als Lactatiekundige in opleiding en borstmassage-therapeut en doet in april examen 2024 als IBCLC.

Na 10 jaar in Singapore te hebben gewoond, is ze een paar maanden geleden met haar gezin weer in Nederland komen wonen. Tijdens het borstvoedingsavontuur met haar zoontje (nu 4) liep ze tegen veel medische problemen aan en moest uiteindelijk stoppen met de borstvoeding. In haar ervaring leerde ze dat het essentieel is om een sterk team van lactatie specialisten om je heen te hebben wanneer je die het hardst nodig hebt.

Ze besloot om een carrière switch te maken van marketing naar de zorg. Ze liet zich omscholen tot Lactatie Masseuse en Holistisch Massage Therapeut (ITEC), Reiki Practitioner en Borstvoedingsspecialist. Momenteel werkt ze aan het afronden van haar IBCLC Lactatiekundige diploma. Hiermee hoopt ze ouders die tegen borstvoedingsproblemen aanlopen, allround en veelzijdige steun en oplossingen te kunnen geven.

Inmiddels geeft ze haar dochtertje al meer dan 12 maanden borstvoeding en geniet daar met volle teugen van!

Marloes spreekt Nederlands, Engels, Frans en Spaans en haar missie is om andere ouders te helpen om van borstvoeden en het postnataal herstel een fijn avontuur te maken.

Lees meer over haar en haar (massage) services op



From December 2022 onwards, Marloes Schoonenberg will join me in some of my visits. After living in Singapore for 10 years, she recently moved back to the Netherlands with her French husband and two children.

During her breastfeeding journey with her son (now 4yo), she encountered multiple breastfeeding problems and had to stop breastfeeding eventually.

It was an intens experience that made her realise that it is essential to have the right lactation support and care when you need it most.

She decided to switch her Brand Marketing career to Health Care and graduated as Lactation Masseuse, Holistic Massage Therapist, Reiki Practitioner and Breastfeeding Specialist/Counsellor. Furthermore, she is currently in the midst of her IBCLC Lactation Consultant studies.

As such, her objective is to provide breastfeeding parents with all-round, same day support and care. 

Meanwhile, she breastfeeds her daughter for more than 12 months already and is proud to see that it did work out this time thanks to the knowledge and skills she acquired in her studies and experience.

Marloes speaks Dutch, English, Spanish and French and made it her mission to turn other parents breastfeeding journeys and postnatal recovery into an enjoyable adventure.

More about her and her (massage) services

Natalie Angstadt

Natalie had her third baby a little while ago and will be joining the breastfeeding sessions again maybe in summer 2024

Natalie goes along with me since summer 2021. She has quite some experienced, also as a mother and well-experienced doula.

She passed her first IBCLC training exams! I'm happy she continues to work and learn (together) with me.


More about her...

Natalie was raised in the US, but has lived all over the world and has now settled in beautiful Amsterdam. After university, she took a corporate path working for various tech startups, but her heart was always in pregnancy, birth and postpartum support.

When her first child was born 3 weeks early, she struggled with breastfeeding even though she read many books and felt like she was well-prepared. She hired a lactation consultant, who was incredible. She gave her confidence and support through her ability to listen. She empowered her with evidence-based information and hands-on demonstration, which made the whole experience much more comforting and rewarding.

When she's not at the playground with her two kids, Natalie enjoys moving her body and spending time at the beach.

Natalie's commitment to improving the experience of pregnancy, birth and motherhood, led her to train as a doula. She offers her doula services in Amsterdam via, in addition to being a lactation consultant in-training.

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